Happy New Year - with a twist!

Happy New Year! I'm wishing you a happy and healthy 2019 ahead and I’m here with Part 3 of my mini-series on 2019 goal setting.


I hope you're finding it useful, if you missed parts 1 and 2, you can read them on the blog, by Clicking Here.


Now you’ve done steps 1 and 2, you’re ready for step 3!


Step 3 is to Make a Plan – with a Twist!


This is where my approach to new year planning diverts a little from the usual. 


Instead of encouraging you to set SMART goals or something similar, I encourage you to make a specific plan of what you are going to do when something happens to get you off track from your goal.


Given the information I shared in parts 1 and 2, it’s probably no surprise that I’m going to encourage you to plan for those very things you’ve been journaling about.  


The question I invite you to ask yourself is:


How am I going to deal with the things that get me off track in the days/weeks/months ahead?

The ‘things’ may be external factors - people/circumstances/events - or internal factors like your thoughts and feelings.


Looking at your answers to parts 1 and 2, what did you discover got you off track last year?


Was it:


  • How to resist tempting food?

  • How to handle a ‘bad’ day without using food to cope?

  • How to stop evening grazing?

  • How to reward yourself without food?

  • How to stop yo-yo dieting?

  • How to stop beating yourself up for ‘bad’ food choices?

 If you are already doubting your ability to deal with the things that get you off track, then no matter what other goals you are setting for yourself (start a new healthy eating plan, join the gym, stop eating carbs after X o’clock) I encourage you to ALSO explore joining me in the Love Your Way to Weight Loss programme so I can support you using a food psychology approach.


The Love Your Way to Weight Loss programme supports you to focus on the reasons ‘why’ you are eating, rather than concentrating on the ‘what’ and ‘how much’ of your food choices.

If you’ve struggled to adopt the healthy way of life you’re longing for so far, it’s likely you just need some extra support.


To change certain habits, you simply need to understand why the habit began (the purpose it served) and how it can be altered for good. The ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss with Dr Jen’ programme guides you with simple, step-by-step processes to support you to understand why you have developed your food-related habits AND what to do to change these for long-term transformation.

 I want to share a profound truth with you right now:


If you’ve struggled with your eating and weight up until now, there is nothing wrong with you.


The truth is, if ‘eat less, move more’ approaches were going to work for you, they likely would have already.


Many people struggle to manage their weight (often for years) simply because they are using the wrong ‘tools’ to fix the problem. It’s a bit like trying to drill a hole using a hammer!


I hope you can see that you’re not a ‘failure’ (or whatever other names you’ve been calling yourself). You simply need some extra support to develop the skills to deal with the obstacles you’ve identified.   


The one powerful step I encourage you to take now you’ve discovered this, is simple.



It’s to make a commitment to yourself to learn the skills you’ve identified are missing, so you can immediately know how to get the result you really want.



Imagine the Future You in 2019, who knows exactly how to resist tempting food, how to handle a bad day, how to stop evening grazing, how to comfort and reward yourself without food, how to stop yo-yo dieting (or fill in your desire of choice).


This Future You has put food in its rightful place – as a pleasure to be enjoyed because you now have the skills to eat when your body is hungry and stop when you’re full. You've also got a whole load of extra 'head-space' available now you're not wasting it thinking about food. 


If that feels impossible to you right now, please be reassured. Just like you needed help and guidance to drive a car, speak a new language or learn any other new skill – you likely need some help to develop new skills so you only really think about eating when you are physically hungry (like those so-called ‘normal’ eaters you know and love/hate!)


It’s not your fault if you can’t do this yet. In our food abundant environments, it may sound easier said than done, but the great news is, it’s a learnable skill, and I’d love to support you.


You don’t need to struggle on your own.

You can get started right away by joining my ‘Love Your Way to Weight Loss with Dr Jen’ programme.

 It’s only £27 a month and there is no contract or minimum monthly commitment – you are truly free to try it out and cancel any time it stops serving you.


It’s a private journey, just you and me, from the comfort of your own home. Let me guide you step-by-step to develop these inner skills through my simple yet impactful, how-to videos. I know privacy is an important factor for many in my community, and that’s why it’s designed to be a private journey that only you need know about! 


Get started by Clicking Here and read all about members like Andrea who shared:


"I would recommend this course to anyone who has struggled with their weight for the insights it gives you about yourself and dieting and, most importantly, because if you put this knowledge into practice it works.”


Join me as soon as you’re ready and make 2019 the year you get the food freedom you’re longing for. I’ve walked in your shoes and I know how lonely it feels. Food freedom is waiting for you and I’d love to help you discover it.


Join me and let’s do this together!


With love, 


Dr Jen

The Food Psychologist 


Kind Words:


Toni Dormand from the UK shared: "I have gone from being a foodie and comfort eater to not being that interested in food at all...I have lost over a stone in about a month with no effort at all...this really works and Dr Jen is so easy to work with!"


* Richard Littooy from the USA shared: I’m using your tips to avoid grazing and... almost immediately stopped mindless eating. Your program is exceptional.”


* Elizabeth Pearson from the UK shared“Thank you for the simple tools that have already made a difference... 2 kg down without being ‘on a diet’... Thank you”


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JANUARY 1, 2019

Jen Bateman